When you take your campaign cues from Harry Reid, then you surely are running short on inspiration. But that is where Elizabeth Warren, who laid the intellectual foundation for the Occupy movement, finds herself. She is now calling for her opponent in the Senate race for what was once thought of in Massachusetts as "the Kennedy seat" to release his tax records. The thing is ... he already has. And she hasn’t.

Elizabeth Warren has demanded that Senator Scott Brown release more years of his tax returns. The only problem was that Brown, her Republican rival, has already released six years of tax returns while Warren has refused to release more than four years of her filings.

One wonders if a minimal requirement for service in the Senate is logical consistency.  But then quickly realizes ... no, of course not.  After all, Harry Reid is the majority leader of the Senate and he won't release any of his tax records and probably for good reason.

Of course, it could be that Reid and his troops believe that "release the tax returns" is an effective war cry even if the returns have already been released.  Sort of like running against Republican obstructionism when you have refused to pass a budget for three years.