A SurveyUSA poll conducted Monday finds that only 35 percent of Missouri adults think Akin should stay in the Senate race, while 54 percent of Missourians think he should drop out. Akin has until 5:00 p.m. Tuesday to drop out of the race.

SurveyUSA also asked respondents: "The candidate who made the comments, Todd Akin, now says that he mis-spoke. Do you think he mis-spoke?" Only 32 percent say that Akin misspoke, while 52 percent say he did not.

Update: PPP finds Akin and McCaskill statistically tied, but PPP did not read Akin's remark about rape to respondents before asking respondents for their preference in the Senate race. SurveyUSA did read Akin's remark to respondents at the beginning of its survey. You better believe that every voter in Missouri will know Akin's statement before election day.