The fifth ballot at the RNC race:

Priebus 67, Cino 40, Anuzis 32, Wagner 28

Michael Steele dropped out of the race after the last round and urged his 28 supporters to back GOP operative Maria Cino, but she only picked up 11 votes, while Reince Priebus picked up 9, and Saul Anuzis gained 8. Ann Wagner's total remained the same. 

Update: After the sixth ballot, Wisconsin GOP chairman Reince Priebus is five votes away from a majority, as Cino and Wagner fade:

Priebus 80 Anuzis 37 Cino 34 Wagner 17

Unless the anti-Priebus vote unites fast, Priebus will probably win on the next ballot. 

Update: Before the 7th ballot, Ann Wagner dropped out, and Priebus has won with 97 votes. Anuzis got 43 and Cino got 28.