As the boss said yesterday on Fox News, “If you look at Governor Romney’s schedule, he’s got events in Illinois Tuesday, Iowa Wednesday, a fundraising breakfast Thursday morning in New York – his calendar then is clear, so far as I can tell, Thursday afternoon and Friday. Then he begins a barnstorming tour Saturday in Virginia, North Carolina Sunday, Florida Monday, Ohio Tuesday. It’d be pretty weird, I think, to do this four-day tour through four swing states – big bus tour, a lot of excitement – without having picked a V.P. and with that, sort of, hanging over him and dwarfing whatever message he wants to get out.”


The boss predicted: “So I now believe the pick would be made Thursday afternoon or Friday”--probably Thursday afternoon. 

And now there's reason to believe Ann Romney won't have a scheduling conflict later in the week. "Rafalca has failed to advance to the medal round, with a score of just 69.302 in competition today," reports BuzzFeed.