The Scrapbook recently read former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham's latest book, Lights Out: Ten Myths about (and Real Solutions to) America’s Energy Crisis:

Barack Obama is fond of the Nobel Prize winner in his cabinet, Energy Secretary Steven Chu—never missing an opportunity to salute his fellow Nobelist—but The Scrapbook has always preferred Chu’s (we dare say) savvier and more competent predecessor, Spencer Abraham. Abraham served in that august position during the first term of George W. Bush—and was, the jacket of his new book informs us, “America’s longest-serving secretary of energy.” Who knew? In any case, just in time for congressional debate over energy legislation, Abraham has produced a useful and readable (and affordable!) book on energy policy that The Scrapbook is pleased to recommend: Lights Out: Ten Myths about (and Real Solutions to) America’s Energy Crisis. Abraham, writing with William Tucker, lays out clearly and accessibly how to think—and how not to think—about all the issues surrounding energy policy. Jacques Nasser, the former head of Ford Motor Company, says the book is “an interesting mix of folksy story-telling, technical analysis, and political intrigue.” The Scrapbook sped through it in one evening, in a well-lit room, TV on in the background, air conditioner going full tilt, popcorn popper popping—and felt better about our energy future.

The book is available here.