They're having a close-out sale at the Clinton Foundation. The New York Times reports:

Facing criticism for some of the donations given to his family's philanthropy, Bill Clinton said on Thursday that the Clinton Foundation would no longer accept foreign or corporate money and that he would resign from its board should Hillary Clinton win the presidency.

"[T]he potential for real or perceived conflicts of interest . . . have forced the Clintons to protect against further damage to [Hillary Clinton's] already low levels of trust among voters," notes the Times.

A couple of things on this. First, the Clinton Foundation continued to accept foreign donations while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. Doesn't the Clintons' belated decision tacitly concede that was a mistake? If foreign donations to a family foundation could represent a "conflict of interest" for a president, couldn't they have a possibly corrupting influence on the nation's top diplomat as well?

Also, if there is indeed the potential that donations to the Clinton Foundation might somehow affect government policy, shouldn't the foundation stop accepting donations now? After all, there's a good chance Hillary Clinton will be president in just a few short months. Is the idea that a donation in October is perfectly above board, whereas one made in January is just too dodgy to accept? Ultimately, doesn't this just encourage foreign actors to get their "donations" in early?