Seems that American's youth's long love affair with the automobile may be over:

Young people have been slow to buy cars in weak economies, and have settled on used models or alternatives to driving. For most Gen Y buyers, also known as Millennials, skipping a vehicle purchase is preferable to forgoing technology. Smartphones, laptops and tablet devices compete for their dollars and are higher priorities than vehicle purchases, said Joe Vitale, an automotive consultant with Deloitte. Financing, parking, servicing and insuring a vehicle all add up to a commitment that cash-strapped Millennials aren’t ready to make, he said. 

Understandable, of course, when you have graduated in debt, can't find a job, and have moved back in with your parents.  It is a sad day when the young can no longer aspire to a fine set of wheels; even if there is an app to help them get over it.