Via Political Wire, Republican Rob Simmons, who had "released" his campaign staff after losing the Connecticut GOP's endorsement to Linda McMahon, is running campaign ads:

Rob Simmons, who halted his campaign for the Republican Senate nomination after losing the party endorsement to former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, will begin airing TV ads urging voters to "look at the issues" before voting in the Aug. 10 primary. In a press release on Wednesday, Simmons said he would spend some of his remaining campaign funds on the TV spots. "For the past two months, I have been travelling the state supporting my fellow Republican candidates," Simmons said. "Everywhere I go people ask me if I am still running for the U.S. Senate. My response has been 'I'm still on the ballot.'"

See Jonathan V. Last's recent WEEKLY STANDARD article on Linda McMahon "WrestleMania in Connecticut."