With the growing likelihood of a brokered convention, lots of ink and pixels has been spilled on what might happen if there isn't a first ballot winner in Cleveland.

This morning on the Michael Graham show, a new theory was offered by RNC National Committeeman of Georgia Randy Evans, who sits on the influential rules committee.

"I would venture to bet that what eventually will happen is we're gonna see two of the candidates cut a deal," Evans said. "And they're gonna say, you get your delegates to us, you'll be the VP, we're gonna run as a ticket. And literally, what you could do in the oddest sort of way, is have the first ballot be two ticket ballots: Trump-Kasich versus Cruz-Rubio. Now that would be wild, because I've run the scenarios on that, and there is no way to predict how such a vote would turn out."

A lot of pundits have focused on Kasich, and whether or not his prolonged run is really just a ploy to force him into the VP slot. Kasich has repeatedly denied this. Last night, in a special interview with his family and Anderson Cooper, Kasich trotted out his oft-repeated line "I would be the worst vice president ever" and reiterated that he's sticking in to win the nomination through the ballot process.

What's interesting is Evans's mention of Rubio, who has largely been absent from the limelight after dropping out. The commonly accepted logic is that Rubio pushing for the Presidential nomination during a vote-a-rama at the convention would be bad news for the GOP, but as a Cruz VP choice?

Time will tell, but it's shaping up to be an electric convention in Cleveland.

Audio below: