It's been two years since Christopher Nolan had a film out—Interstellar—and four years since The Dark Knight Rises. He's currently working on Dunkirk, slated for 2017. It's been all hush-hush until a segment of a trailer leaked last week. This led to Warner Bros. releasing an "announcement" trailer, which you can see here.

It's a teaser, clocking in at a mere minute and six seconds. We don't see much except for the tides and a mass of troops bracing for some sort of attack. Judging by the helmets, this takes place in either World War I or World War II. But who exactly are these soldiers and why are they here? And how does it end? My strong suspicion is that Dunkirk is some sort of sea creature, like a Kraken. Somehow it was awakened—perhaps from underwater nuclear testing—and cannot be defeated unless the good guys convince another giant creature to stop it. Also, this giant creature can transform into a truck. Frankly, I find it puzzling that neither Roland Emmerich nor Michael Bay came up with this first.

Based on this short trailer, I would have called this movie something else. Like, why not Beaches? And is this really the best that Christopher Nolan can do? How about a film that finds a glimmer of hope in a battle that is all but lost, a silver lining in, say, a mass evacuation of brave men pushed off a continent by forces of evil or something like that? It's so utterly disappointing.