Following the boss's article in support of President Obama's decision to keep Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket, American Crossroads has released this web video, titled "Run, Joe. Run."

In an email, Crossroads writes:


The video highlights... ·         Biden’s recent work to improve race relations in the United States; ·         Biden’s deeply held belief in fiscal “sanity”; ·         Biden’s "support" for small businesses; ·         Biden’s general competence and capability. Best, the video does all of this using Mr. Biden's own thoughtful words!

As the boss wrote yesterday, "Years from now, men and women of good will laud President Obama for his decency, his loyalty—nay, his humanity—in resisting all entreaties to cast Joe Biden overboard, in refusing to leave Joe Biden a prophet without honor in his own party, in standing by his man Joe. There are worse things than being a one-term president."