Count Harry Reid as one of the Democrats who has absolutely no interest in entitlement reform. During the same TV interview in which he backed the Obama DOJ's lawsuit against Arizona and said that Obama's isn't confronational enough, Majority Leader Harry Reid said that Social Security is just fine and dandy for "40 years" even "if we do nothing."

JON RALSTON: What has Harry Reid done, if anything, to prepare for long term solvency [of Social Security]...?

HARRY REID: Jon, people have to stop bad-mouthing Social Security.

Social Security according to CBO, according to the General Accounting Office is okay for the next 40 years, and even after that people will draw 80, 85 percent of benefits if we do nothing.

So I think we should just stop frightening people about how bad of shape social security is.

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"stop the cheaters"
"that's billions of dollars."