The Sharron Angle campaign blasted the Obama administration's lawsuit against Arizona today. "Our country's at war on two fronts and we have 10 percent unemployment -- and what is President Obama focused on? Using his Department of Justice to interfere with the sovereignty of Arizona," Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy told THE WEEKLY STANDARD in an email. "Arizona has a right to do what the federal government should have done -- secure the border and enforce the laws already on the books."

Though Harry Reid has expressed opposition to the Arizona law, his campaign won't say whether he supports the Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona. His Senate and campaign press offices did not respond to requests for comment today from TWS.

Many analysts think that the lawsuit puts Reid in a bind. "Arizona suit imperils Western Dems," reads a headline at Politico today. A June 8 Mason-Dixon poll showed that 57 percent of Nevada voters support Arizona's immigration law, and a June 24 Rasmussen poll showed that "63% oppose a U.S. Justice Department challenge of Arizona’s new immigration law, several points higher than opposition to such a challenge nationally."

But some argue the Arizona immigration law might actually help Reid. "Harry Reid's dislike of Arizona law may aid re-election," reads a headline from the Arizona Republic. Those who think the law helps Reid argue that the law will do more to boost Hispanic support and turnout for Reid than it will do to turn the law's opponents against Reid. In other words, more Hispanics may actually vote on the issue in Nevada. That's all debatable. I'm inclined to think it hurts more than it helps Reid, but everyone can agree it's a hot-button issue.

Sharron Angle has faced a lot of criticism for avoiding the press immediately after she won the GOP primary, but now it's Harry Reid who's stonewalling on an important issue.