Almost two weeks ago, I speculated on Fox News Sunday that Mitt Romney would announce his vice presidential pick early next week, on August 6 or 7. It was, if I may say, a reasonably well-informed forecast at the time. But I didn't take into account the existence and importance of the redoubtable Rafalca, the Romneys' equestrian Olympian, who's apparently made it to the final dressage round on August 7 in London.

Ann Romney, understandably, wants to be there to see Rafalca do his thing. But she also, of course, should be at the vice presidential announcement and the subsequent barnstorming with the VP pick and his spouse. So the announcement of Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan (Steve Hayes and I explain why it really needs to be one or the other in this week's editorial, available online early Saturday morning) has been pushed back, and will apparently take place a bit later in the month. When? I notice that Romney has events scheduled in Florida on Monday, August 13, so if it's Rubio, perhaps he'll be unveiled then. Romney has a Midwest bus tour tentatively planned later that week, so if the choice is Ryan, expect the announcement around Wednesday, August 15.

Meanwhile, best of luck to Rafalca! We at THE WEEKLY STANDARD look forward to seeing her astride the victory stand, adorned with a gold medal, neighing proudly along with the Star Spangled Banner.