THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained an advance draft of Rabbi Meir Soloveichik's stirring invocation, which will be delivered at the start of today's Republican convention activities.

Please join me in prayer. Ribono shel Olam, Almighty God, You commanded Moses many years ago: Ukratem dror ba'arets le-khol yoshveha, "Proclaim liberty throughout the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof." Today, this biblical verse is emblazoned on the Liberty Bell, which embodies American independence.  We Americans unite faith and freedom in asserting that our liberties are Your gift, God, not that of government, and that we are endowed with these rights by You, our Creator, not by mortal man. You have called us to be a beacon of freedom to the world, and an ally of free countries like the state of Israel, an island of liberty, democracy, and hope. Avinu Av Harachaman, Our Most Merciful Father: *    Bless and guide Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as they seek to lead this great nation; *    Protect the members of the American armed forces, who defend the freedoms You have given us; *    Shelter the residents of the Gulf coast as they prepare to battle the storms that are upon them;  *    And help all of us as Americans renew our dedication to the principle of God-gifted liberty, so America can remain a beacon of faith and freedom for generations to come. Amen.

Soloveichik is a contributor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, and has recently written about Mitt Romney's Liberty University speech, John Adams, and Benzion Netanyahu, the father of Israel's prime minister, and threat from Iran.