In Florida, Quinnipiac shows that independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist has a lead of five or six points depending on which Democrat is in the race. The poll puts Crist at 39%, Republican Marco Rubio at 33%, and Democrat Kendrick Meek at 13%. And: Crist at 37%, Rubio at 32%, Democrat Jeff Greene at 17%. These numbers haven't moved much, and probably won't until the August 24 Democratic primary concludes and the candidates hit the airwaves with advertising.

Despite the Quinnipiac poll showing Rubio better off with Greene in the race, the opposite is probably true. The real threat to Rubio is that if either Democrat is polling far behind Crist and Rubio in October, Democrats will jump to Crist, who will caucus with the Democrats.

Greene is doing better than Meek right now because he has spent millions more than Meek. It would be much easier for Democratic party leaders to abandon partyboy billionaire Greene than Congressman Meek, an African American who had the early support of Bill Clinton.