The new Marquette law school poll shows shows Hillary Clinton up just 3 percentage points over Donald Trump among likely voters in Wisconsin, where she led Trump by 15 points earlier this month:

Among likely voters, i.e., those who say they are certain they will vote in November, Clinton is supported by 45 percent and Trump by 42 percent in the new poll, with 10 percent saying they will support neither candidate. In the early August poll, 52 percent of likely voters supported Clinton, while Trump was backed by 37 percent and 10 percent said they had no preference. In July, likely voters gave Clinton 45 percent support and Trump 41 percent, while 14 percent said they lacked a preference.

And a new Monmouth poll shows Clinton lead Trump by 5 points (43 percent to 38 percent).

Mitt Romney lost Wisconsin by 7 points in 2012, when he lost the national popular vote by 4 points.