A scathing piece in Politico by two Democratic pollsters says that Obamacare's mode of passage causes it to bear an "anti-democratic stain," that it has spawned a "political catastrophe" for the Democratic Party, and that the claim that the repeal bill's passage is merely symbolic "reflects the political class’s inability to understand the will and the attitudes of the American people." The pollsters, Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen, add, "The president argues that the health care bill is old business and should not be discussed," but "old business is likely to be new business in 2012." 

Moreover, Caddell and Schoen write, "It could even be that no such piece of major legislation has created the continued, vehement public opposition that health care has provoked since the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 — which resulted in the abrogation of the Missouri Compromise" and thereby ended the prohibition against slavery in the territories north of the 36⁰30’ parallel. "The Republican Party was created in opposition to that act," a gross affront to liberty that the newly formed Republicans pushed to repeal. Republicans "went on to win control of the House in the 1854 elections" and became the dominant political party for most of the next 75 years.

But Caddell and Schoen also highlight how crucial it is that Republicans advance compelling legislation to replace Obamacare, writing that failure to do so "could be as destructive to the Republicans as this undemocratic bill has been to the Democrats." Click here to read the whole piece.