Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence pledged to campaign for the support of "never Trump" voters who have stoutly opposed the top of the ticket, focusing attention toward the GOP and Democratic agendas and away from the candidates themselves in his pitch.

"I understand that in the course of competitive politics, it gets a little rough sometimes, it gets a little personal. But at the end of the day, this election is a choice, and it's a choice between two agendas, not so much as two candidates," Donald Trump's running mate said during a rally in Perry, Georgia, on Monday afternoon.

"We're going to earn the support of people who ought to be with us and aren't with us yet."

Pence's comments came in response to a questioner who said she was concerned about "the 'never Trumpers' and some of the [Ted Cruz backers] who just can't seem to come over to our side." The Indiana governor's response was well-received by the crowd.

During a question and answer session, he took two questions about voter fraud, which has been thrust into the election after Trump speculated the outcome in November could be "rigged" in favor of Hillary Clinton. Pence allayed those worries, saying he was "confident" in the process. But he put the onus on private citizens to ensure it at the local level.

"I want to tell you, if you're not involved as a precinct worker, an observer, a poll watcher at your local polls, you need to get involved, because that's where elections happen. That's where accountability happens," Pence said.

"Make the calls, knock on the doors, tell your neighbors and friends, but on Election Day and in early voting, be there, be a part of it. The American people can ensure these elections are administered with integrity."