On Sunday, Donald Trump's vice presidential pick Mike Pence joined CNN's Jake Tapper to talk about Trump's apparent backtrack on immigration policy.

Tapper asked Pence whether or not there will be a deportation force removing illegal immigrants from the United States.

Pence asserted that "nothing has changed about Donald Trump's position."

Tapper attempted to clarify whether or not Trump would still remove the millions of illegal immigrants currently living in America using a "deportation force," not just those who have committed violent crimes.

Pence said that the clip from several months ago to which Tapper was referring was of Trump outlining "a mechanism, not a policy."

"You're going to hear more detail in the next two weeks that lays out all the policies. But there will be no change in the principle here. That Donald Trump wants to make it clear to the American people that, while Hillary Clinton is committed to open borders and amnesty—executive amnesty—and more of the same, that it's really harmed our economy and, frankly, as he said, with regard to dangerous individuals in this country, has cost American lives."

Tapper again tried to clarify, noting people like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are similarly confused about Trump's shift.

Pence said that Trump's policy would mean that those residing in the U.S. illegally would have to leave first in order to work to gain legal status. He added that Trump will "articulate what we do with the people here," assuring that "Donald Trump is more concerned about the American people, American citizens, people who are here legally, people who are struggling in this economy."

Tapper again tried to clarify, at which point Pence said he knows "the media wants to focus on that one issue."

"Donald Trump will articulate a policy about how we deal with that population. But I promise you, he is going to remain completely focused on American citizens and people who are here legally and how we get this country working for people who play by the rules."

Tapper replied, "I don't understand why it's the fault of the media for focusing on an issue that you're crediting Donald Trump for bringing to the fore."

"The idea is, Mr. Trump won the primaries in no small way because he had the very forceful position of saying all 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants will be forced to leave the country. Now you, right this minute, are not saying that that's the policy. you're saying he's going to unveil it in the next few weeks. It's 72 days until the election."

Pence said Trump "has been completely consistent in the principles that he has articulated." "I promise you he is a decisive leader."