As speculation grows over whether Rep. Mike Pence (R., Ind.) will run for governor or president, a number of observers have seen his concentration of scheduled events in Indiana as a sign that he'll opt for governor. On the other hand, Politico's Kasie Hunt notes that Pence is heading to South Carolina, an early GOP primary state, this weekend to keynote an exclusive Republican event. And, in another sign that Pence is open to a national run, he will be the keynote speaker at the Susan B. Anthony List "Campaign for Life Gala" in Washington, D.C on February 16.

SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD, "We’ve been trying to pick people that we think will be a good presidential contenders" to headline their annual gala fundraiser. “When I mean good, I mean a good contender plus strongly pro-life.”

Dannenfelser says that she has personally urged Pence to run for president. "I’d absolutely rather have him run for president [than governor]. My view, and I’ve said it to him, 'I think you ought to run for a place where you’re needed the most.'" Dannenfelser isn't endorsing Pence, but says she hopes several strongly pro-life candidates run. Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty was the keynote speaker at last year's SBA List gala, and Sarah Palin was a speaker at a different fundraiser.

Update: An SBA List aide notes that Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Rick Santorum have all spoken at the group's fundraisers as well.