Must-see TV:

Chris Matthews apparently hasn't done his homework. During a debate with Republican congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin last night on Hardball, Matthews claimed that Republicans are all talk when it comes to cutting spending. "All this bitching about the deficit doesn't mean squat because you won't either raise taxes or cut spending," says Matthews.

Maybe Matthews should have taken the time to learn that his guest Paul Ryan has in fact put forward a plan, scored by CBO, that would rein in entitlements, balance the budget, and eventually eliminate the debt.

At one point in the segment, Ryan lists trillions worth of specific cuts that he has proposed, and Matthews retorts: "that's 1/300th of the deficit."

"$4.8 trillion is not 0.3 of one percent of the deficit," Ryan replies.

"Okay, $4.8 trillion, okay," says Matthews.

Perhaps Matthews should read Ryan's plan and have him on again to discuss it.