The Wall Street Journal reports on the closing of the Mayflower Hotel's bar in Washington D.C.:


  WASHINGTON—For 62 years, the mahogany-paneled Town & Country Lounge has been a metaphor for the capital itself: a clubby haven for unfashionable elites, with plenty going on in the shadows. In 1948, the year the bar opened at the Mayflower Hotel here, Republicans celebrated—briefly—Thomas E. Dewey's defeat of Harry Truman. In 2008, liberals toasted there before running six blocks to the White House to celebrate Barack Obama's win. The Town & Country is where many an over-served lawmaker was given what the wait staff discreetly calls "the yellow light," a soft drink on the house and the offer of a taxi home.   On Saturday, the Town & Country will shake its last martini and close its doors for good. And in what denizens say is a final insult, the lounge will be turned into a Thomas Pink haberdasher. [...]     "We like to call it the home of the $15 port," said Joe Galushka, a Federal Aviation Administration employee from New Jersey who travels to D.C. regularly on business. "The last big name I saw in there was [conservative pundit] Bill Kristol, partying with a gang of interns," Mr. Galushka said. "I'm sure what he means is that I was mentoring some future political leaders and promising journalists," Mr. Kristol said.

For the record, Mr. Galushka, if that is your real name, I am not an intern.  I think what Mr. Galushka witnessed was the boss at a very high-level meeting with yours truly, Mary Katharine Ham, Daniel Halper, and Terry Eastland to discuss the redesign of this website. While WEEKLY STANDARD staffers have had their fair share of fond memories at the Mayflower bar--it's located a half-block from TWS world headquarters and has served as a safe shelter when fire alarms go off during business hours in our building--rest assured that this was strictly a business meeting.