The Democrats' defense of Obamacare principally relies on the fiction that Obamacare is needed to protect Americans from big health care corporations, especially insurers. Yet, as Rose Ann DeMoro writes at the Huffington Post (of all places), the truth is that "nearly all the giants in the healthcare industry backed the law." So, if nearly all of the heath care ‘giants’ like Obamacare, is it really believable that it would protect the little guy? Or is this merely a further indication that Big Government and Big Business are natural bedfellows?

In truth, Obamacare would funnel hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers' money to insurers (as I wrote about yesterday), while requiring every American to buy the insurers' product -- or, rather, the nearly one-size-fits-all, more expensive version of "their product" that the government would require them to provide. True, insurers would no longer function like competitive businesses, but giving an industry money and requiring everyone to buy what it's selling goes a long way toward garnering support.

DeMoro also writes that, in Obamacare "we have a law that is not universal, does little to control costs in rising premiums and un-payable medical bills, improve quality or reduce [health-care] disparities." Yet she encourages us to keep it.

When this is how Obamacare's supporters appraise the overhaul, it's no wonder that most Americans want to repeal it.