By the time Barack Obama visits the place in Louisiana where Hurricane Isaac hit on September 3, he will have made 7 campaign stops and held 8 campaign events since the storm first made landfall.

The storm, Hurricane Isaac, first made landfall on August 28, 2012, at about 6:45 p.m.

Since that time, here's what Obama has done:

He's held an event on the cost of education at Fort Collins, Colorado. That was on August 28. 

Also, on August 28, Obama held a campaign event in Ames, Iowa. Likewise, the president spoke about education.

The next day, Obama traveled to the swing state of Virginia for a event near the University of Virginia. In Charlottesville, Virginia, Obama spoke also about education and "the choice for young voters."

Today, Obama is going to Texas to talk to troops at Fort Bliss, Texas. The event today is meant to mark the anniversary of the official end of the Iraq war two years ago.

Tomorrow, September 1, Obama is planning to go to two campaign events, both in Iowa--Des Moines and Sioux City. “President Barack Obama is bringing his campaign back to Iowa Saturday," a local news outlet reported. "Set-up is already underway at Living History Farms in Urbandale for the president’s campaign stop. Tickets are still available at any Obama campaign office. Doors open for the event at 10:30 a.m. and Chris Cornell and The National will perform before the president speaks.  After the stop in Des Moines, President Obama will move on to another campaign event in Sioux City.” 

The day after, on September 2, Obama again returns to Colorado. There, he's scheduled to speak at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

On Labor Day, which is September 3 this year, Obama has a speech in Toledo, Ohio. Obama was supposed to go to Cleveland from Toledo, but he decided to cancel that trip.

Instead, after the Toledo speech, Obama will travel to Louisiana to see the response to Hurricane Isaac.