President Barack Obama will play basketball tomorrow night at a fundraiser in New York City with "NBA heroes," according to campaign press secretary Jen Psaki. The "heroes," one assumes, is a reference to the "Obama Classic" starring Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Ewing, and Alonzo Mourning, all of whom are expected to be at tomorrow's fundraiser, according to a previous campaign announcement.

Via the White House pool report: 

Pressed on whether Obama planned to play basketball in NYC on Wed as part of a campaign fundraiser, Psaki initially played coy, saying she wanted to keep some things under wraps. But she said, "the president does love basketball." When asked about signs that Obama had a slight limp, Psaki said, "I feel pretty good about how the president is going to play tomorrow. He is playing with some NBA heroes." Further details on NYC events: there is a dinner, at $20,000 a head, for about 120 people, and two earlier fundraisers: autograph signing event at $250 a person, and the aforementioned basketball skills camp.