As a rule of thumb, when lauding the modern manufacturing made possible by the president's $900 billion stimulus package, it is wise not to use the theme song of a popular early-80s sitcom.

And yet, that's exactly what the advance team did for Obama's stop at a battery plant in Holland, Mich. today to tout stimulus spending. At first I thought it was just left-over audio from a 1983 UAW safety video that the entire state of Michigan is contractually obligated to keep using, but after tossing it out to followers on Twitter, the National Review's Stephen Spruiell has correctly identified it as the "Who's the Boss?" theme song.

Click here and go to 3:04 to hear Gov. Jennifer Granholm's intro music.

And, now enjoy "Brand New Life Around the Bend" starring Danny Pintauro, Alyssa Milano, Judith Light, Tony Danza, and Katherine Helmond:

Now, what does it mean? The lyrics are below, and certainly seem to hint at a new way of living and the importance of grabbing the chance at it, which could certainly be symbolic of a move toward green energy subsidized by the federal government.

There's a time love/ And a time for livin'/ So take a chance and face the wind. An open road/ And a road that's hidden./ A brand new life around the bend. There are times when I've lost a dream or two/ Round the bend, and at the end was you There's a chance I'm takin'/ a road not taken/ The choice is up to you my friend Nights are long but you might awake To a brand new life/ Brand new life, A brand new life around the bend.

On the other hand, were the governor and her handlers going for something more literal? The series title could certainly be a direct criticism of the president's oft-maligned lack of command over the oil spill and his White House's message. Who is the boss, Mr. President?

At 11:07, when the president enters, he actually gets no music at all. I'm not sure which is worse.

I prefer to think of the whole thing as metaphor for changing gender roles and the constant struggle for supremacy between Tony (Obama), Angela (Hillary), and the lively, flirtatious cougar... Mona.

Or, the advance team may just be huge Tony Danza fans. And, who among us has not felt that pull on our hearts? Obama's been known to use questionable songs at campaign events in the past— Jay-Z's "99 Problems" during the primary, and The National's "Fake Empire" during the general— but this is my favorite one.