The latest New York Times bestseller list has Ted Cruz's A Time for Truth at number 8. Just above him is former President Jimmy Carter's A Full Life, coming in at 7. 

The strange thing, however, is that Cruz sold almost 60 percent more copies of his book last week than Carter.

According to Bookscan, which tracks the number of books sold, Cruz sold 8,814 last week. Carter sold only 5,147.

The New York Times list does not indicate either author's books were purchased in bulk orders. 

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Cruz was left off the list the first week his book came out after the Times claimed there had been bulk orders of the new volume. Both Cruz and his publisher, HarperCollins, denied evidence of bulks orders.

In a statement, Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler says, "It’s no surprise that the liberal New York Times would prop up progressive Jimmy Carter over a conservative like Ted Cruz. But to do so in light of Cruz’s book selling 58 percent more copies last week than Carter’s reaffirms the Times’ questionable standards being used to determine its bestseller list. New York Times has a responsibility to its authors and readers to uphold fair standards, and we stand by our call for Public Editor Margaret Sullivan examine its methodology."

Cruz also accomplished something rare. In the second week of his book being on the shelves, he sold 7,051 copies. In the third week, the number was 8,814. It's considered rare for a political book to increase its sales with time.