Secure America Now, a group opposed to President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, released a new poll this morning.

One main conclusion that Democratic pollster and former Carter advisor Pat Caddell drew was that "the more Americans learn about key details within the Iran agreement, the less they like it." The poll surveyed 800 likely voters.

The group shared these key findings: 

·       After learning the facts about the Iran deal, 65% want their Senator or Congressman to oppose it.  45% wanted Congress to oppose before learning the facts. ·       80% oppose giving Iran $150 billion in sanction relief in the next few weeks and months without Congressional approval.  ·       72% said that Congress should NOT approve a deal that does not allow independent U.S. inspections of Iran’s military laboratories. ·       68% do NOT believe that U.N. inspections with a 24-day notification period before will stop Iran from cheating. ·       65% think this deal will have other nations follow through on their threat to attain nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iran. ·       63% disagree that the deal prevents Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Only 29% agree. ·       77% agree that if we don’t stop Iran now they will eventually get nuclear weapons and our children will likely face nuclear war. Only 17% disagreed.

You can view the group's full release below:

Secure America Now Iran Poll