In for a penny, in for a pound: PJ Media's John Boot has an excellent piece on the five biggest conservative ideas smuggled into The Dark Knight Rises. Sample awesome: 

Christopher Nolan, is cheeky about showing us where Wall Street bashing would go if it were led by a psychotic hulk in a mask instead of a feckless horde of weedy environmental justice majors. When one trader tells Bane that there’s no money at the stock exchange to steal, he replies, as an OWS protester would, “Then why are you here?” 

That said, I'd quibble with this characterization of Boot's: "Batman is the capitalist who doesn’t apologize for being superior to other men. In Europe, where the road to riches is paved with bureaucratic landmines and hard work has always carried an air of the unseemly, aristocrats like Bruce Wayne aspire merely to potter around in 'the civil service' or spend the family fortune. "

Bruce Wayne made his money the old fashioned way: He inherited it. And he spends very little of his time using Wayne Enterprises for capitalist purposes. When he does pay attention to the company, it's to use it as another weapon in his arsenal against crime.

In fact, I think you could argue that Bruce Wayne is very much in the mold of British aristocrats because he's spending his inheritance in pursuit of his sense of obligation to Gotham. Which was, once upon a time, how the best of the British public school boys saw themselves. They believed in Empire. Batman believes in the liberal order.