Rasmussen finds that more Americans now consider themselves to be members of the party of Lincoln and Reagan than of FDR and Obama. The poll finds that 37 percent of Americans now call themselves Republicans, compared with 34 percent who call themselves Democrats. Rasmussen adds, "Keep in mind that figures reported...are for all adults, not likely voters. Republicans are a bit more likely to participate in elections than Democrats."

Two Januaries ago, in 2009, the same poll showed that Democrats outnumbered Republicans by a tally of 41 to 33 percent. That's a swing of 11 percentage points in party allegiance, away from Democrats (who have lost 7 points) and toward Republicans (who have gained 4 points), since President Obama took office. Moreover, the last time that only 34 percent of Americans called themselves Democrats, Barack Obama had yet to announce his candidacy for the Senate. 

It's worth noting, however, that not as many people have yet joined the Republican Party as have fled the Democratic Party on President Obama's watch, thereby strongly indicating that Republicans have not yet fully reclaimed the citizenry's trust. But, with a repeal bill on the table, important rules changes about to be advanced, and substantial spending cuts promised, they are off to a good start.