The latest fundraising plea from First Lady Michelle Obama for Barack Obama's reelection campaign:

Daniel -- Before you go to bed tonight, do me a favor and read Barack's note. We've always known this election was going to be even tougher than the last one. All across the country, supporters like you have stepped up to give your time and energy to help move this country forward. We can't let that hard work be undone by our opponents' unlimited spending on negative TV ads. If we win, it will because of what you do today, and for the next 77 days. Please donate $5 or more now: Thanks for everything you do for Barack and this campaign. Michelle P.S. -- Make a donation of $5 or whatever you can before midnight tonight and you and a guest will be automatically entered to meet Barack and me at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. We'll cover your flight and hotel expenses, and, for today only, each entry counts as two chances to win. -----------------Original Message----------------- From: Barack Obama Subject: This is critical: Friend -- I just got back from Iowa, where we are being outspent 2 to 1 on the air. Voters there mentioned it to me more than once. We expect Mitt Romney and the Republicans to outspend us. What I will not abide is getting outspent by a margin that negates all the hard work our volunteers are doing -- talking to voters, knocking on doors, making calls. We are in control of that outcome, but our time to close the gap is dwindling. After three consecutive months of being significantly outraised, it couldn't be more urgent. Will you make a donation today? If we win this election, it will be because of what you did. I don't get to tell you enough how grateful I am. Thank you, Barack P.S. -- In a few weeks, I'll accept our party's nomination for president onstage in Charlotte, North Carolina. I wouldn't be there without you. Any donation you make today automatically enters you and a guest for a chance to join me and Michelle as VIP guests of the convention. Hope to see you there.