Jonathan Easley of The Hill reports that

The super-PAC organized to encourage Vice President Biden to run for president released its first ad on Friday ahead of a “national day of action” to gather signatures for the push.

In the ad, a young man says:

“Some people ask why Joe Biden,” 

Good question, but the man is ready for it and says:

 “I turn back and ask them why not Joe Biden? He’s been on of the most influential vice presidents that this country has seen. He’s right now a part of one of the most successful administrations in recent history, and he’s a big reason for that success.”

Also, there is the matter of Hillary Clinton’s … ah, difficulties. And the fact that Bernie Sanders is running a strong campaign the premise of which is, more or less, that the Obama administration has been a failure.

So, “according to a Monmouth University survey released earlier this month ... Biden’s entrance would shake up the race.”

Since, “In addition to Biden’s 13 percent support, an additional 12 percent of Democratic voters said they’d be likely to support Biden if he took the plunge, and 31 percent said they’d be somewhat likely to support him.”

With “Most of that additional support, 68 percent, [coming] from those who are currently Clinton supporters.”

You go, Joe.