Ramesh Ponnuru on the mainstream media's spin of the Obamacare repeal vote

The Washington Post, along with other newspapers, is using its news pages to propagate the Democratic spin that yesterday's House vote on repealing Obamacare is "largely symbolic." Nancy Pelosi's Democratic majority routinely voted on legislation that couldn't make it through the Senate or would be vetoed by President Bush, and I don't recall these newspapers dismissing those votes as "largely symbolic."

Indeed, check out the New York Times' coverage of the House's vote in March 2007 to pull out of Iraq:

Ms. Pelosi called the legislation, which took the form of an emergency spending bill, “a giant step to end the war and responsibly redeploy our troops out of Iraq” and concentrate on Afghanistan, “where the war on terrorism is.” President Bush angrily denounced the bill, accusing Democrats of engaging in “an act of political theater” by passing a measure that would undermine American progress in Iraq. “I will veto it if it comes to my desk,” he said. “It is clear that my veto would be sustained.”

Back then it was the Republican president who "accused" Democrats of "political theater," but now the Times itself is more than happy to accuse Republicans of engaging in a "symbolic" vote to repeal Obamacare, in the headline of its news story no less "House Votes for Repeal of Health Law in Symbolic Act."