On Thursday, Bill Kristol and chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, talked about what voters will do this election and those who have endorsed Trump on CNN.

Kristol explained why many voters will not choose Trump.

"If you look at the issues, there's plenty of room for a Republican to win this year. People aren't happy with the economy under President Obama. There's plenty of criticism to be made of his foreign policy to Secretary Clinton's. But, Matt's wrong. The top issue when you vote for president is, is the candidate I'm considering voting for capable, qualified, fit to be president? And the voters are concluding correctly, unfortunately, that Donald Trump is not qualified," Kristol said.

He continued: "I'm reassured that the American public is seeing the real Donald Trump, that's what we've been seeing for the last week. It's not like he's off message. This is the message. Donald Trump is Donald Trump."

Kristol also talked about Republicans who have endorsed Trump, knowing it isn't right to do so.

"Why do these Republican officeholders feel they have to do what they know is wrong? They'll tell you it's wrong in private, but in public they felt they had to go along, they had to bend the knee. Paul Ryan, a man I respect very much, why is he even pretending to support Donald Trump? He doesn't think Donald Trump should be president of the United States."