On Wednesday, Bill Kristol joined Jake Tapper to talk about Donald Trump's comments on the Khan family.

"The whole controversy is so horrifying, in terms of what it reveals about Trump's character. But the most revealing thing was the initial statement, where it didn't occur to him when he was asked about it, as a matter of graciousness and decency to thank the Khan family for their son's heroism, to, say, express gratitude for what he did. It doesn't even occur to Trump, because he is such a narcissist, and he's so, honestly unfit to be president of the United States."

Kristol added, "he is unstable, I mean I really think so."

"Hillary Clinton should not be president of the United States, because the country deserves better—a great country deserves better than Hillary Clinton, a sane country deserves better than Donald Trump. And I do think he is unstable, and he is so narcissistic, that you couldn't trust his judgment about anything."

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