On CNN's Erin Burnett Out Front, editor William Kristol discussed Hillary Clinton's email scandal and how it has hurt her campaign.

Burnett asked given the revelation that the FBI will be releasing its classified notes to Congress, whether or not further releases of Hillary's emails could help her campaign.

KRISTOL: Look, she's paid a huge price for the emails and for the server. When she left as secretary of state, people had a favorable impression of her... People thought pretty well of her. By the time she started to run for president, she had a higher unfavorable than favorable, and that has stayed. The majority of the public does not want Hillary Clinton to be president. They don't think she's honest. They prefer somebody with fresh ideas and higher ethical standards... Unfortunately, the only alternative, the only alternative they seem to have right now is Donald Trump... and given the choice, a majority, er, a plurality right now is going to go for Hillary Clinton. Look, and I myself don't support Hillary Clinton at all, either. I don't think she should be president. But I've got to say, uh, that if Trump is the alternative, she can probably just tough it through on these emails unless there's some new bombshell, which there could be, of course... she probably could make it. If people don't think Trump is qualified to be president, what are they gonna think... Hillary Clinton is a little more dishonest than we already thought she was?

Earlier in the show, Kristol agreed with Trump's view that pivoting away from being himself was a mistake.

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