In this week's edition of the boss's email newsletter -- Kristol Clear -- readers are asked to rank their top three picks for the GOP's 2016 presidential nominee. The boss writes:

It's time for our fifth GOP presidential preference poll. Our most recent one occurred a month and a half ago, just before Donald Trump got in the race (time flies when you're having fun!). So we need to have an all-inclusive Trump-included poll, whose results we can announce next Sunday, just before the first Republican debate. (Speaking of the debate: May I make one last plea to FOX and the Republican National Committee? Please abandon the poorly conceived 10-person one-main-stage debate format. It simply won't be the case that there will be a statistically significant difference between, say, the 8th through 10th place finishers in the current average of national polls and those in 11th through 13th places. So the current arrangement is unfair. And it will make for a bad debate. Go instead to two 8-person debates on successive nights (or back to back one evening), or even three five person debates over three evenings. Those would actually be interesting and enlightening, and wouldn't exclude serious political figures who deserve a chance to make their case.) Well, the GOP will debate a foolish debate format, but it needs the guidance of our non-scientific but very-revealing-due-to-the-perspicacious-character-of-our-readers poll. You know what to do: Tell us your first, second and third choices from among this motley crew, this colorful medley, this star-studded galaxy of GOP candidates.

As popular as it has been with readers of the newsletter, we wanted to give readers of the blog a chance to vote for their top three picks, which you can do below. And if you don't already get Bill's newsletter, subscribe for free!