Samsung C&T and New York investor Paul Singer have been engaged in a heated battle over the future of the telecommunications company.

"The hedge fund, Elliott, is opposing a takeover deal between two Samsung companies that critics say will ensure the current generation of Samsung's founding family retains control over South Korea's biggest conglomerate," the Associated Press recently reported. 

The Korean company came under fire -- and ultimately removed -- anti-Semitic cartoons from its website. "Samsung C&T, one of the Samsung firms involved in the takeover, posted cartoons online that depicted Elliott's founder Paul Singer as a vulture-like figure. In one scene, Singer is depicted hiding an axe behind his back while taking money from a man in ragged clothes. The cartoons were displayed for several weeks on a website set up by Samsung C&T to argue the merits of the takeover deal," the AP continued.

Now Park Jay-son, who is being called "Korea’s top expert on Jews," is coming to the defense of Samsung -- and attacking Singer.

Park says in a statement to the Korean outlet Sisa Press, "Most of the foreign hedge funds that are attacking Korea are Jewish investment firms that do neither have a specific nationality nor a physical office. The financial firms of Wall Street can be categorized as either common finance or investment finance firms. Investment firms are hedge funds and PEFs which happen to be dominated mostly by Jews."

He even warns about the scariness of Jews. “The reason Jews are scary is that they are in control of the currency market and investment finance firms. Their robust network is beyond imagination. The Jewish financial network mainly targets countries with weak financial systems. The 1997 financial crisis was triggered when a Jewish hedge fund attacked the Malaysian FX market, which set forth a domino effect, ultimately affecting Korea. The recent Greek debt crisis is also attributable to hedge funds’ attack on Greece where the currency and FX market is vulnerable.”

Park Jay-son has had a distinguished career serving Korea's government, working for the ministry of foreign affairs and as a representative to UNESCO. He was his country's ambassador the Morocco.

Currently served as vice chairman of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics preparation committee.

The "top expert on Jews" is also an author. Titles to his name include, The Jew’s America and Jewish Power Controls the World.

Correction: This story originally misstated Park's continued involvement with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics preparation committee. That committee disbanded after Pyeongchang won its bid for the Olympics in 2011.