Just one day after the Iran deal was announced, the State Department tweeted a video in which Under Secretary Wendy Sherman, a lead U.S. negotiator, recounts something Secretary of State John Kerry said at the close of the Iran negotiations.

Sherman describes an intimate atmosphere at the Vienna International Center, "in a small room where all the ministers and all the Iranian negotiators sat in a horseshoe."

"Each of the ministers made a statement about what this meant to them, and the Secretary of State was the last person to speak," said Sherman.  

"So at the end of it, Secretary Kerry, completely impromptu, said 'when I was 22, I went to war.' And then he choked up, sort of like I did just a few minutes ago," she added. "He couldn't get the words out. And everybody was completely spellbound. And he sort of re-got his voice, and said, 'I went to war, and it became clear to me that I never wanted to go to war again.' That's what this was all about. Trying to settle these matters through diplomacy and peaceful means. And it was such a moving moment, that everybody in that small room applauded, including the Iranian delegation."