Jim Galloway at the AJC has the latest ad from Georgia's Karen Handel, the Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate for governor. Handel is facing former Rep. Nathan Deal in the runoff on August 10. The ad features the Palin endorsement prominently:

It's perhaps no mistake that Handel couples this message about Deal's corruption with the  Palin appearance. The former Alaska governor attacked corruption in her own party, and the Handel campaign probably expects Georgia GOP voters to make that connection. There's even a Palin-esque sign off at the end: "Bring it on."

So is Deal really a "corrupt relic" of Washington? The feds are investigating a meeting Deal attended last year at the Georgia Capitol, but so far Deal has not been subpoenaed.

The AJC writes:

Deal and Cronan operate a salvage yard in Gainesville that for nearly 20 years enjoyed a no-bid agreement with the state to provide space for inspections of rebuilt vehicles. The AJC reported in August 2009 that Deal intervened with Graham and other state leaders to stop Graham from changing the program that earned Deal and Cronan's company nearly $300,000 a year.