Responding to a journalist's inquiry at a press availability in Bahrain with Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, Secretary of State John Kerry said that, based on the nuclear deal struck with Iran, "now there is no path to the nuclear weapon."

President Obama decided and felt very strongly – and I share the belief – that before you start talking about the military option, you owe it to the people of the world and your own citizens before you send young people into conflict to do your utmost to find out whether there is a diplomatic solution to that crisis. The crisis was the potential of a nuclear weapon; the diplomatic solution was achieved, and it is that now there is no path to the nuclear weapon.

However, as Stephen Hayes pointed out on Twitter, President Obama told NPR in April 2015 "that Iran deal means breakout time could get 'almost down to zero.'" In contrast, Kerry suggested today that the deal has eliminated any path at all for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Later in his remarks, Kerry also acknowledged a lot of other unfinished business with Iran:

No one made a pretense that other challenges that we knew existed were suddenly going to be wiped away. We knew that Iran supported Hizballah. We knew that Iran had the IRGC in Syria. We knew that Iran was engaged in supporting activities in the region which could destabilize. We knew that Iran was indeed supporting the Houthi in their struggle in Yemen.

Kerry is currently in Bahrain for a meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council.