Democrats and liberal pundits constantly claim that the primary thing driving President Obama's low approval ratings is the economy. To be more exact, they claim that the president's low ratings are driven by Americans' stubborn insistence on blaming him for the economy's not having shown any strong signs of recovery 18 months and $787,000,000,000 in "economic stimulus" spending into his presidency, instead of giving him the credit that he so justly deserves for having allegedly made the economy better than it allegedly otherwise would have been at this time. But a new poll by the Democratic polling outfit Democracy Corps, and highlighted by Sean Trende over atRealClearPolitics, indicates that President Obama's biggest problem isn't the bad economy he inherited or even his general anti-small business agenda, which has no doubt helped to thwart its recovery. Rather, Obama's biggest problem is Obamacare.

When given a chance to provide open-ended responses as to why they disapprove of the job that the president is doing, Americans most often responded with the words "health care" -- and by a wide margin. This image, published by the poll, illustrates how often various responses were given:


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This week's Pew/National Journal poll offers further evidence of Americans' opposition to Obamacare, showing that respondents oppose the overhaul by a margin of 12 percentage points (47 to 35 percent), up from a margin of 4 points in April, shortly after its passage. The poll also reports that "an overwhelming proportion" of those who oppose Obamacare "favor repealing the legislation as soon as possible." And that's even without screening for likely voters, who tend to register even more opposition to Obamacare than Americans as a whole.