Kellyanne Conway, the veteran GOP pollster who as of last week is the campaign manager for Donald Trump, has built a career advising Republican candidates about ways to appeal to women voters. Conway is frequently cited as an expert on the political attitudes and opinions of women. Her firm, The Polling Company, has a division called WomenTrend, which was created "to better connect corporate America with the female consumer. For years it has tracked and interpreted the social, cultural, financial, professional and health trends influencing—and being influenced by—women."

All of that is a big reason Trump's hiring and elevation of Conway turned heads in Washington. Trump—who has polled poorly with women voters, has a reputation for misogyny and crude language about women, and is running against the first female major-party presidential nominee—would certainly need help in that department. But concurrent with Conway's promotion to campaign manager last week came another move by the Trump campaign: bringing on Breitbart News chief Stephen Bannon as campaign CEO. Bannon has a reputation himself for caustic language and radical political views, but new reports out Thursday detail how the new Trump chief had been charged with domestic abuse against one of his wives.

The New York Post reported divorce documents from 1997 detail how Bannon's wife claimed he had grabbed her "by the throat and arm" and called her a "crazy f—ing c–t." Police documents obtained by Politico reported that in the 1996 incident Bannon allegedly grabbed his wife's neck and wrist to pull her down, possibly into the car. Charges against Bannon were eventually dropped, and a spokesperson for Bannon told NBC News "Mr. Bannon and his ex-wife and his children have a great relationship." But Bannon has not denied the reports themselves.

Conway has claimed she and Bannon work well together on the Trump campaign, calling his hire "masterful" and said she was "extremely comfortable" with the idea of working with him.

After these revelations, does she still feel that way? Asked about Trump's knowledge of the charges on Good Morning America Friday, Conway said she did not know "what he was aware of, with respect to a 20-year-old claim where the charges were dropped. So that's all I know is what I read."

Requests for comment from both the Trump campaign and Conway herself have not yet been returned.