Can you find the "MOST INTRIGUING SENTENCE" in today's Playbook from Politico? It's from these paragraphs:

THE MOST INTRIGUING SENTENCE IN THE PAPERS TODAY - 20th graf of a 24-graf Jeff Zeleny "Political Memo" about the campaigns focusing increasingly on their bases (with quotes from both saying they're focusing on the middle): "The Romney campaign is taking pains to track down and quash any criticism in Republican circles about any potential downsides of Mr. Ryan on the ticket, including that the campaign debate over Medicare is fraught with risk for other candidates in the party."  --HAVE YOU BEEN QUASHED? The calls from Boston that we had heard about sounded more like hand-holding than plumbing. What is Z referring to? Who is bad cop? How is "the Romney campaign" quashing "any" criticism? When did it start? What do they say? How would YOU describe the calls and emails you're getting from Boston. Are they convincing? Are they working? Anonymity guaranteed. We'll share our findings tomorrow.

Needless to say, the sentence is: "Anonymity guaranteed." It's a sentence that says it all about the pathetic collusion of the liberal media and soi-disant "GOP pros."