Massachusetts's Democratic governor Deval Patrick has signed new legislation that will tax high earnings of medical doctors, Alex Vuckovic writes in the Boston Herald:


[Patrick's] going after the . . . doctors! You know, the folks who come out of medical school a couple hundred thousand bucks in debt and then do a form of indentured servitude called residency lasting three to 10 years while earning janitors’ wages. Following this, their reimbursement for working 60 to 80 hours while being on call two to three 24-hour days a week is tiered in such a way that the ones in shortest supply, the primary care docs, make about as much money as an MBTA bus driver while spending half their time doing paperwork to ensure “compliance” with 80,000 pages of regulations meant to keep them properly in line. As of last week, thanks to our enlightened overlords, a medical practitioner in Massachusetts must, as a condition of licensure, agree to report his or her fees to the Board of Registration in Medicine and is subject to an arbitrary limitation to any increases in those fees annually.

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