Elections can turn on many things; some of them beyond the abilities of mere spin doctors to manipulate. There are at least two very large possibilities looming over this year's presidential election: a possible Israeli attack on Iran and the failure of the Euro. According to one report, the Obama administration believes the latter would be harmful to its prospects and is using its influence to prevent ... or, rather, to delay it.

The Obama administration will pressure European governments not to let Greece fall out of the eurozone before November's Presidential elections, British Government sources have suggested ...  American officials are understood to be worried that if they decide Greece has not done enough to meet its deficit targets and withhold the money, it would automatically trigger Greece's exit from the eurozone weeks before the Presidential election on 6 November. They are urging eurozone Governments to hold off from taking any drastic action before then – fearing that the resulting market destabilisation could damage President Obama's re-election prospects. European leaders are thought to be sympathetic to the lobbying fearing that, under pressure from his party lin Congress, Mitt Romney would be a more isolationist president than Mr Obama.

One wonders what sort of quid pro quo is being dangled before the Europeans.  One suspects that a promise to be less isolationist than Mitt Romney probably won't be quite enough.  

So much depends, it seems, on President Obama's reelection after which he will run no more forever and have the kind of flexibility he needs to accomplish big things. But what those big things might be remains, for some reason, a mystery. So a vote for him is cast on faith. Just like last time. And we all remember how well that worked out.