Hillary Clinton has already spent nearly one million dollars on polling. According to the Democratic presidential candidate's first Federal Election Commission disclosure report, the campaign has already spent $904,915.00 on polling.

The only greater expenses so far have been payroll taxes ($2,184,422.26), payroll ($3,679,955.04), online advertising ($1,362,309.54), and direct marketing ($2,506,985.64).

The Hillary for America campaign, the Clinton campaign's official title, has already spent $18,699,814.02. So far the campaign has raised $47,549,949.64. Clinton has $28,850,135.62 cash on hand. 

But the campaign has some small liabitilities. The campaign has a debt of $574,147.67, the bulk of which ($553,113.66) is owed to Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, Inc.

Interestingly, Clinton has about 250,000 individual donors. Which is less than the number of donors to Bernie Sanders's campaign. Sanders, her main Democratic opponent, a 73-year-old socialist from Vermont, has about 284,000 donors. 

Yet Sanders has raised far less money than Clinton. According to the disclosure reports, Sanders has raised only $15.2 million.