The Hillary Clinton campaign has taken notice of Donald Trump's newest hire, blasting the Republican for tapping former Breitbart News chairman Stephen Bannon as the campaign's CEO. Here's an excerpt from a Clinton fundraising email sent Thursday morning:

We woke up to big news from the Trump campaign yesterday: After weeks of being frustrated by advisors pushing him to moderate his tone to appeal to general election voters, Trump decided he needed a change. Now he's bringing on people who will just let Trump be Trump. The new CEO for the Trump campaign is a guy named Steve Bannon -- a one-time Hollywood producer who once spent $1 million of his own money financing a film about Sarah Palin and most recently worked as the chief executive of Breitbart News. What's Breitbart News? It's the website that right-wing talk radio hosts wake up and read every morning. It has a deep following in the far fringes of the Republican Party -- the most openly xenophobic and conspicuously race-conscious nationalists in the conservative movement. To give you a sense of what I mean, Breitbart News once published a piece attacking Bill Kristol, the conservative political pundit, with a headline that called him a "RENEGADE JEW." That's not the kind of language you'd see even on Fox News, let alone a normal media outlet.

The email concludes with a request for a donation to "fight back and win big" against the Republican nominee, "[not] just to defeat Trump, but to ensure that his type never returns to the national stage."