On Wednesday, WEEKLY STANDARD senior writer Stephen F. Hayes joined Fox News to talk about the latest revelations about the connection between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's State Department.

"This isn't speculation, this isn't something that's coming from Republicans launching accusations without the facts that support them," said Hayes. "These are things we're seeing in black and white, in emails, between State Department officials, including Hillary Clinton, discussing what would be done for Clinton Foundation donors. This is a huge story, it's a huge problem, and it's the kind of story, I think, that would have potentially sunk any other campaign in any normal election year."

Hayes also reminded viewers that during Clinton's nomination hearing in 2009, "then-Senator Dick Lugar, Republican in Indiana, said that the major focus of Hillary Clinton's nomination to be secretary of state was the potential conflict of interest between the Clinton Foundation and her service. Because foreign governments might think that they could be purchasing entrée into the State Department by donating to the Clinton Foundation. And that's precisely what we've seen, and it's what makes this so stunning. It's so reckless by the Clintons. We knew this was going to be a problem, they knew this was going to be a problem."